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Anti glare display (AGD), or counter-reflective displays, are used to reduce glare on display screens. AGD was originally developed to reduce the glare on computer monitors. 

This Anti-reflective (AR) technology is been for many years but it became advanced technology we are using in many electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc

AGDs were used to reduce glare caused by the reflection of light off of computers in the 1990s and early 2000s. AGDs have been used for a variety of different applications and have come a long way since then, making them an even more useful product.

AGDs have been able to deliver high levels of brightness, contrast, and color fidelity at a very affordable price point.

what is anti glare display

An anti glare display is a layer of coating on the screen, that reduces the light glare or intensity of light. It is a coating technology used for coating glasses and displays to reduce the reflection of light.

The effectiveness of the coated anti-glare display is dependent on the Haze value and the screen surface might be matte or glossy.

what is anti glare display

Glare is a reflection that appears when the light comes through a surface. It can appear as a bright reflection, or it can be a white, dull one. A glare can take the shape of a line, or it can be caused by light shining through the sides of the surface.

Anti glare displays are becoming very common such as those offered by many brands like, LG, HP, Lenovo, and others, can be quite useful in certain conditions like average home and they’re great for ensuring that your screen is as clean and unadulterated as possible.

You may have noticed that your monitor has a fairly dark or bright appearance, and this can be a problem if you’re scanning your email or social media.

If you were to use your monitor for these purposes it would not be a very good choice, but the anti-glare screen does a better job of eliminating this problem than the black background of non-glare screens.

However, certain screen technologies hinder the ability of some screen surfaces to glisten in the sunlight, if the screen is particularly reflective. A screen may not be glistening because of glare, but because the light bounces off of a surface that is shiny or reflective.

Anti-glare (AG) displays are great for reducing glare on the screen of monitors and televisions

What are the benefits of an anti-glare screen?

There are many benefits of anti-glare display technology, especially in this digital era, these types of displays are most important for people who always be in front of the screen it might be working on laptops or desktops, playing games, or watching movies for many hours. After these activities, you might feel eye strain or blurriness, eye itching, or headache this is due to the reflection screen light.

  • Anti-glare screens reduce eye strain
  • Is anti glare screen good for eyes
  • Anti-glare coating cut off the intensity of light
  • Easier to clean the display 
  • Better visual quality and rich experience
  • More vibrant colors

Let’s dive deep into each one of them

Anti-glare screens reduce eye strain

After spending many hours in front of the screen you feel eye strain, Anti-glare coating screen cut off the intensity of the light beam so that even after spending many hours in front of the screen you do not feel eye strain or blurriness.

Is anti glare screen good for eyes

An anti-glare screen helps you to reduce the eye strain due to its anti-glare coating which cut off both screen light and ambient light.

Anti-glare coating cut off the intensity of light

It is the main feature of the Anti-glare coating that is it will cut off or reduce the intensity of screen light. In normal displays like LCDs the screen light directly incidents your eyes but in the Anti glare display which is directly not incident your eyes, an anti-glare coating will cut off the light waves.

Easier to clean the display 

This is also a great benefit of an anti-glare screen, If you daily working person or rarely use it is necessary to clean the dust particles on the display. An anti glare display makes cleaning easy. It protects against scratches and smudges and also it helps us to avoid dust and fingerprints that are not attached to the screen.

Better visual quality and rich experience

An anti-glare coating that reduces both direct (screen light) and ambient (outside light sources like a LED light, or sunlight) light that hits your screen. It will give you a better and rich visual picture quality so that you can enjoy your movie, gaming also helps you to focus on your work

More vibrant colors

The anti glare display also helps to bring the vibrancy of deep colors, if you are a person who always watches moves, and web series, especially for gamers who want to enjoy visuals with deep colors with rich quality in a strong lighting environment.

Anti-glare screen vs normal

There are many pro and cons of both Anti glare display and normal displays here we have listed main difference between them 

anti glare screen vs normal
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Normal display

  • The screen light directly hit the user the intensity of light causes eye strain, and blurriness after a while 
  • Due to its glossy properties screen light reflects 
  • Not easy to clean compared to anti-glare screens it holts the dust particles, scratches, and fingerprints on the screen 
  • Cost is low compared to the Anti glare display

Anti glare display

  • It will defuse the light instead of reflecting due to its anti-glare coating 
  • It cut off both screen light and ambient light 
  • It will reduce the eye strain, eye leaching, and blurriness even after using many hours 
  • Gives a better viewing angle due to the non-reflective property 
  • Better visual quality, user experience and brings you vibrancy of deep colors
  • It is easy to clean dust particles, It protects against scratches and smudges

How to choose anti glare screen

The anti-glare display effectiveness depends on the anti-glare coating on the screen and how much coating should be on display is depend on the Haze value

The coating also depends on the type of display light or medium matte, reflection is depending on the smooth or glossy surface screens, if reflection is more, more coating will be done on the display. 

Haze 25% is the approximate value that helps to reduce the intensity of light without affecting the visual quality or blurriness of the screen. 

Again the coating depends on the type of display smooth or glossy usually brands use smooth screens for anti-glare coating due its refraction is less compared to glassy displays. The haze value may change depending on the surface.

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